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    1. Join us at the 2023?CSME Congress

      The 2023?CSME International Congress will be hosted by the Université de Sherbrooke?à Sherbrooke, QC, on May?28-31, 2023. For details, please visit the Congress website:?https://www.csmecongress.org/.

      The 2022?Spring?CSME Bulletin issue is now published. Click here to access current and past issues of the Bulletin.

      Membership in nada's national society for mechanil engineering, involves many tangible benefits such as professional development, networking opportunities, access to publitions, and more!

      The CSME has teamed with the Engineering Institute of nada (EIC) in offering the engineering community a reer Site that directly links you with jobs within your field! Employers use this site to post jobs and engineer job seekers n post their resumes and job requirements free of charge.

      CSME provides a wide range of services for its student members, among them awards, competitions, networking opportunities and publitions to keep abreast of the latest developments in Mechanil Engineering. Join now!

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      The nadian Society for Mechanil Engineering was founded in 1970 in order to form a single organization – with a clear identity – for nadian mechanil engineers and technologists. It is a constituent society of the Engineering Institute of nada (EIC).

      At the lol, regional and national levels, the CSME provides a wide range of professional development activities for mechanil engineers and students with common fields of interest; these activities, which include networking as well as technil exchange ocsions, are generally in the form of conferences, meetings, lectures, seminars, tours, etc. To learn more about these technil activities, click here:

      Technil Committees

      Other important channels of communition are through the official newsletter (CSME Bulletin), the technil journal (Transactions), and this web site. The CSME also recognizes excellence through various meritorious awards remitted at its annual Congress.

      Want to help the Society develop new programs, activities and recruit new members?

      Donate Now

      Engineering reer Opportunities: